2015 Fall Semester Registration Form


Dear parents,

It’s time to register for the fall semester of 2015!
Please fill out this form to receive a continuing student discount rate and send payment by July. 31, 2015.
Classes meet every Friday: 6:30-8:30 p.m, August 28 — December 11, 2015 (except for Thanksgiving weekend).
 Returning Students Registration:
new students

 New Student Registration: If you know some students interested in learning Chinese, please direct them to register online. https://docs.google.com/a/mvcds.org/forms/d/1n2l9UchqMdxkaJcCQSxMTai-neXWssby2EWWtZlF1iw/viewform


*Please make check payable to Chinese Center of Toledo and mail it to: 
  Chinese Center of Toledo, P.O.BOX 350445, Toledo, OH 43635.  
*You may also hand the check to Ms. Meng Zhang on Friday before the end of semester. 


We look forward to seeing  you all next semester!
An Chung Cheng & Meng Zhang