AP Chinese Prep Class 教学大纲


2017 AP Chinese Exam 五分满级分 – Skyelar Raiti (左) 柳雨豪(右) 左一(张学庆老师); 右一(林蘭琪老师)
2018 AP Chinese Exam 五分满级分 – 右 – 陈紫欣同学; 左 – 林蘭琪老师


Chaoyue: Advancing in Chinese covers the five Cs—communication, cultures, comparisons, connections, and communities—and follows three communicative modes in lesson design: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. The authors arrange their lessons around four topics intrinsically interesting to students: the self, schooling, social customs, and the global village, fostering a full appreciation of Chinese culture. Each lesson contains warm-up activities, mini-dialogues, authentic readings, conversational relays, a cultural unit, examples of sentence patterns, and a vocabulary list. Two review lessons are geared specifically toward synthesizing and reinforcing the language and culture skills taught throughout the book, and footnote glossaries assist in reading comprehension.

Written by experienced Chinese language instructors, Chaoyue helps students reach the preadvanced proficiency level within two semesters or approximately 150 to 180 hours of course time. The preadvanced stage is comparable to a fourth-semester college Chinese course, or 250 hours of instruction. Unlike other language texts,Chaoyue is printed in both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, as well as the phonetic systems used in China (pinyin) and Taiwan (zhuyin fuhao). It also includes a CD-ROM with additional assignments and review as well as an online teacher manual.

Lesson sections include:

•Warm-up activities that articulate the lesson’s theme and activate students’ prior knowledge

•Short readings in the form of letters, e-mails, reports, dialogues, stories, and interviews

•Dialogue practice with key vocabulary and sentence patterns

•Interactive activities such as surveys, debates, and small group discussions

•Conversational relays that ask pairs to complete mini-dialogues

•Authentic readings in the form of advertisements, Web sites, maps, and signs, with multiple-choice review questions

•Common expressions that relate to the lesson theme

Resource: http://www.amazon.com/Chaoyue-Advancing-Textbook-Intermediate-Preadvanced/dp/0231145292


主要教材- 超越 Advancing in Chinese – 此书内容是以预备学生考 AP 中文考试而设计。


YouTube 微电影/广告欣赏,杰出美籍华人介绍,中文流行歌曲教学等。




课文讨论, 小组创作及报告, 问题辩论,时事批判思考, 角色扮演, 个人写作分享等。


每完成一课: 口语对话,中文信件回复和中文看图说故事写作各一篇/学习评量考。

每学期末: AP Chinese Exam Mock Test。