中文学校一直致力于提高学生对中文学校的兴趣,由于你我他、咱们大家的共同努力、中文学校有能力为学生提供更多的兴趣班的学习机会。从下学期开始、兴趣班增加至6个: 2-4年级数学加强班(新) 新概念绘画-基础班 (新) 朗诵表演班 国际象棋班 武术班 中国舞蹈班 多姿多彩的中文学校等着你们!让我们期待中文学校更加美好的未来!祝大家圣诞快乐!   兴趣班名称:新概念绘画-基础班 绘画系列:干彩系列-彩铅,蜡笔,马克笔 兴趣班特色: 基础技巧深入浅出,生动解析线条, 基本几何,素材选取以及色彩应用等技能。 构图着色彰显个性,通过交流和提示充分发挥每一位孩子的创意和喜好。 课程形式丰富多样,专注个人绘画才能之余,提升团队创作精神和领导力。 个人作品集体赏析,通过作品介绍和互评浸入式培养孩子的鉴赏力和表达沟通力。 导师简介: 彭俊,自幼热爱书画,五岁拜师学艺,七岁起荣获多届国内和国际书法大赛奖项。大学开始兼职艺术类家教,结合恩师理念和自身经验对新世纪的少儿书画教学进行全新改良和设计。在美读研期间,积极致力于中国文化艺术的分享和弘扬,并在UT孔子学院的支持下策划和组织了多场校园艺术沙龙,深受好评。2016年和2017年应邀参展BGSU-Literacy In The Park,连续两届通过趣味横生的绘画活动成为最受青睐的展台之一, 吸引大批少年儿童踊跃参与体验。 Enrichment Class: New Concept Drawing (NCD)- Basic Level Code: Colored Pencil, Crayon, Markers Features: Fundamental drawing skills, including lines, basic geometric figures, material selections, use of color, will be taught. Drawing composition with students’ own ideas and preference will be encouraged. Comprehensive teaching methods for increasing the drawing capability of both individual and team work will be practiced. Instructor Jun Peng (Penny), a modern art instructor from Shanghai, China. Penny started to learn Chinese calligraphy and painting when she was 5-year-old. She has won many awards and medals in both national and international calligraphy competitions since then. Penny became a part time art instructor for youth…
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CCT Chinese classes start today at 6:30pm

Dear parents, teachers, and students This is a gentle reminder that Chinese classes start today at 6:30 at Maumee Valley Country Day school. If you have not registered online, please enter names, contact information and sign the waiver in the online registration form Please make check payable to Chinese Center of Toledo and give it to Meng Zhang during the class time. If you know of any new students interested in learning Chinese, please share with them the new student registration at . Please find the tentative calendar for the Spring 2017 in the attachment. Also, 2017 Chinese New Year Party is on Jan. 29 at 4:30 pm in the Auditorium of Student Union at the University of Toledo.  Tickets are for sale at Chinese school tonight. If you have any questions or suggestions, please…
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2016 Fall Semester Registration Form

Dear parents, It’s time to register for the Fall semester of 2016! Please fill out this form to receive a continuing student discount rate and send payment by July 31, 2016.  Classes meet every Friday: 6:30-8:30 p.m, Aug. 26 — Dec. 16, 2016 (except for Oct. 21 and Nov. 04 of MVCDS events and Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 25, 2016). Returning Students Registration: - New Student Registration: If you know some students interested in learning Chinese, please direct them to register online. - *Please make check payable to Chinese Center of Toledo and mail it to: Chinese Center of Toledo, P.O.BOX 350445, Toledo, OH 43635. *You may also hand the check to Ms. Meng Zhang on Friday before the end of semester. We look forward to seeing  you all next semester! Sincerely, An Chung…
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