• You need an account to register online
  • If your child already registered for the spring semester, your account should already be created. Your username is the contact email address. Please click hereto reset password
  • If your child did not register for the sprint semester or you do not remember the email address please click here to create a new account
  • After logging into your account, please select Registration from the main menu and clidk Register Online to start.
  • After finishing registration, you can mail the check to the address under the "Contact Us" from the main menu. Or you can pay at the chinese school When the next semester starts
  • If you want to mail the check, please write the name of your child and the invoice number on the check.
  • Thank you for using the online registration system!

  • 您需要一个帐号才能在线注册
  • 如果您的孩子已经在春季注册, 那么很有可能你的帐号已经创建,用户名是注册用的电子邮件地址。请点击此处找回您的密码
  • 如果您的孩子没有在春季注册或者您不记得电子邮件地址,请点击此处注册新帐号。
  • 请登录您的账号,在主菜单选择Registration,然后点击 Register Online 开始在线注册
  • 完成注册后,您可以将支票邮寄到中文学校通讯地址(主页上点击 “Contact Us" 即可找到)。或者您可以在下学期开学时在中文学校付款
  • 如果您选择邮寄支票,请将您孩子的英文姓名和发票号码(Invoice Number) 写在支票上
  • 感谢您使用中文学校在线注册系统!

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