Mission and Belief Statements

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The purpose of this Center shall be exclusively educational and charitable within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1702: Nonprofit Corporation Law. The Center’s purpose includes, but is not limited to:

  • Studying the Chinese language.
  • Promoting the understanding of Chinese culture.
  • Providing a network of support among individuals or organizations having a common interest in the Chinese cultural heritage.

多丽都中文学校老师们全程用90%目标语教学。授课老师们在教学时会使用大量图片, 手势辅助, 歌曲教学, 和多媒体等工具, 帮助我们学生达到对语言的理解跟语言的使用。学生习惯听汉语以后, 程度变好后, 吸收自然也变快。我们的老师们教学秉持以”学生为中心”的概念, 让学生有机会自己动手练习, 操作, 甚至担任班上小老师。老师们只是以从旁协助, 引导的角色来引导学生对华语/汉语的学习。





10-Year Learning Plan


There are 10 levels of Chinese classes at Toledo Chinese School.  We call it a “10-year Learning Plan”.  Our goal and mission for our students is to get a FIVE out of Five on their AP Chinese Exam during their high school year.

多丽都中文学校的“十年学习计划”是为了预备我们的孩子到了高中阶段,都能在AP Chinese Exam (高级中文考试)得到五分满及分。


To see past students who has received a “FIVE” on their AP Chinese Exam, please click “HERE“.